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Since its foundation in 1990, PARTELEC adopted an innovative position in the mobility market by becoming the importer specialist and distributor of technology products for mobile and nomadic usage.
The PARTELEC chairman Catherine BELLET and co-chairman Gabriel PORTILLO coming from industrial field have chased innovative products and solutions adapted to private and publics companies.

Since 2 years , on behalf of their software editor partnership named CIRA for medical, PARTELEC has become experienced in hardware and software solutions covering  new mobile usage for Health professional people and precisely in Telediagnosis.

It 20 years Industrial expertize and research project support have determine a full range of products based on Waaves compression algorithm dedicated to broadcast and archive medical images on the field of :

  1. Local and distant crypted and securized platform to broadcast medical images coming from existing PACS ( Picture Archiving and Communication System ) including Waaves compression algorithm
  2. Telemedecine equipment and services for securized file transfer with Waaves integration dedicated to medical urgency , hospital periodic management                                                        
  3. Storage encrypted solutions for medical data based on removable support with customized HMI ( Humant Machine Interface )
  4. Applicatives solutions on embedded software ported on FPGA / DSP for Smartphones and Tablets

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