The tennis sensor called Zepp Tennis 2 is a well-known sensor among tennis players. Mehr Informationen . Use this free app to enhance your training experience by pairing the app with the square Zepp 1 sensor. Our redesigned free app offers powerful analysis tools for both match and practice play, delivering detailed reports in 3 key categories about your game—power, consistency and intensity. Check Zepp warranty and return policy. The round Zepp Tennis 2 sensor is supported by the new Zepp Tennis app. Track practice and match statistics, and compare against other players to gain powerful insights about your performance instantly. Accuracy of the Zepp tennis sensor of the application version 2.0.0. Track practice and match statistics, and compare against other players to gain powerful insights about your performance instantly. Sport Band The list of data that the Zepp records are impressive: Sweet spot accuracy; Ball speed; Ball pin speed serve FAQ. First of all, I was impressed by how small the HEAD Zepp Sensor was. The video is divided into nine sessions, and every session includes 10 shots. Download user manuals or videos. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Zepp 2 Two Tennis Swing Analyzer Sensor Software at the best online prices at eBay! Zepp Tennis 2 is an evolution of the world’s most powerful swing analyzer. I had to do a Zepp 2 review for 2020. Previous sensors like the Sony one or the previous Zepp, was protruding enough from the racquet to impact how you play. Compatible with all racquets, the Zepp sensor has two different mounts, the pro mount or the flex mount. My Optishot golf simulator has transformed my golf … Check the FAQ While the sensor and mounts remain the same, the Zepp 2.0 app features a modern update and is now endorsed by ATP star Milos Raonic. Zepp is stepping up its game with a new app for tennis players. Zepp E. Stilvoll – innen und außen. Zepp 2 Video Functionality Overall 3/10. Not so with the new HEAD Zepp sensor. The Zepp 2 Golf Swing Analyzer is my new toy for 2020. The sensor piece itself is a bright yellow round device that is attached to the end of the racket in different manners. User Guide. It all looks really good on the Zepp website. It then sends information to your smartphone about every swing and every stroke. The Zepp is an evolution in tennis analysis. For the past 2 years I have been on a quest to consistently break 80 on the golf course. Zepp tennis 2 is an evolution of the world's most powerful swing analyser. Bear in mind that this is the first time I am using a sensor, so I am coming to this fresh in this HEAD Zepp sensor review. Like the rest of the Zepp 2 Tennis product, it’s been devised and built to be a social sharing device rather than something that will improve your game. Warranty Policy. In practice, it’s half baked at best. Useless at worst. This device uses a sensor mounted on the butt of the racquet where it will have the least effect on your swing. We actually wrote about the first edition back n 2014 and it is still a very popular tennis gadget. Free shipping for many products! The Zepp 2 is the answer...I hope!